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LA Lipo Cryolipolysis and Hifu Treatments for Beauty Enhancement

How you feel about yourself affects your self-confidence, and directly impacts the way you communicate with others around you. Millions of men and women feel like there is something that they would like to change about their appearance, but are unaware of the services that are out there to help them achieve their desired look.

Of course, beauty is more than just skin deep, but feeling comfortable with your body is important, as well. Now you can look the way you want to look, and feel great doing it. Whether it’s sculpting your physique into perfection, or reducing the signs of ageing.

Cryolipolysis and Hifu in Basildon is an excellent alternative to surgical procedures such as liposuction and face-lifts. LA Lipo provides the most up to date innovative technology and skilled professionals to help you enhance your beauty.

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All treatments offered at LA Lipo are non-intrusive and a single session can be completed within a 30 minute-60 minute time frame making it easy and convenient for you to keep up with a busy schedule. You can expect fast remarkable results in just 6-8 weeks. Here’s what we have to offer:


Establishing a healthy exercise routine and eating a well balanced diet is a great way to trim the fat, but not the easiest method. Cryolipolysis removes unwanted lumps and fat effectively and easily, even in those hard to reach places such as fat deposits that are located around the waist line, belly, and under the biceps.

There is no need for painful and expensive surgical procedures that requires weeks of recovery time to shape and tone your body. LA Lipo uses the latest advanced technology to freeze fat cells within your body causing them to break apart and desolve.

These fat cells are then excreted from the body naturally. It’s pain free and you can treat up to four areas simultaneously. Click here to see before and after!


Personal injuries happen all the time, but broken legs and arms can heal on their own with almost no indication that damage was sustained; however, when an accident alters your face, it can leave you feeling insecure about your appearance.

Hifu stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and it is used on various skin types to treat wrinkles and facial accidents. There is zero risk of an infection, and no needles are used during treatment. Click here to see before and after HIFU treatment!

It is a safe, effective and painless procedure that shrinks the collagen fibers under the skin and burns the fat to make the skin appear tighter and smoother giving you a younger lasting look.

There are no significant side effects; in fact, you can complete a Hifu treatment and continue with your day. Hifu is ideal for treating wrinkles, jaw lifts, skin lightening, and skin lifting all over the body.

Treatments are available for both men and women in the U.K. Don’t miss your opportunity to look younger, more attractive, and feel great about yourself. Contact LA Lipo now, and start your journey to becoming a better you today.

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