LA Lipo July 2021 Promotions

LA Lipo makes non invasive procedures affordable

Cryolipolysis Pricing

1 Areas £220   2 Areas £350

3 Areas £460   4 Areas £550

5 Areas £625   6 Areas £700

7 Areas £775   8 Areas £850

9 Areas £925   10 Areas £1,000

While for some a single treatment in an area is sufficient, for many a series of 2 or 3 treatments in the same area spaced six weeks apart will be required to obtain the desired results and has major cumulative benefits compared to single treatments. We offer a range of discounts for booking of multiple treatments along with additional discounts for multiple person treatments. For more details of available multi-treatment and multi-person discounts, please contact us.

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Cryopen Pricing


One Area
Was – £210.00 Now – £180

Two Areas
Was – £285.00 Now – £220

Three Areas
Was – £350 Now – £280

This price includes your treatment and consultation which is done all on the day of the treatment.

Sometimes a second or third appointment may be necessary; this will be established in your consultation.

We do offer a 30% off discount for5 any further treatments.

At LA Lipo We offer a mix & match service. You can have different skin imperfections removed all in one appointment. For example, if you have one verruca, two warts and 2 Cherry Angiomas. We can do that all in one treatment. This means you would pay for five areas. So on your consultation, you will be quoted our prices above which is for five areas.

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HIFU Pricing

Face Treatments

Was – £350 Now – £250

Crows Feet
Was – £375 Now – £250

Was – £450 Now – £300

Was – £900 Now – £600

Was – £400 Now – £300

Full Face, Neck and decolletage
Was – £1,575 Now – £1,050

Full Face and Neck
Was – £1275 Now – £850

Full Face
Was – £1050 Now – £700

Neck to Jawline
Was – £750 Now – £500

Body Treatments

Upper Arms
Was – £600 Now – £400

Thighs Front or back
Was – £600 Now – £400

Thighs full
Was – £975 Now – £650

Full Back
Was – £1300 Now – £750.00

Upper Back
Was – £750 Now – £500

Was – £750 Now – £500

Abdomen upper or lower
Was – £600 Now – £400

Chest (Man Boobs)
Was – £750 Now – £500

Was – £750 Now – £500

Under buttocks
Was – £600 Now – £400

Abdomen full
Was – £975 Now – £650

Promo Ends July 31st 

Multi treatment and multi person discounts

Save Up to 60% on single treatment pricing, with multi area, multi treatment bookings which can include fat freezing and Hifu combined.

We offer a range of discounts for booking of multiple treatments along with additional discounts for multiple person treatments.. For more details of available multi treatment and multi person discounts, please contact us.

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CANCELLATIONS AND LAST MINUTE LATE DEALS We occasionally have customer cancellations and have spaces in our treatment diaries to book in last minute appointments and we can offer discounts up to 50% depending on how many areas you want treating and whether its a clinic or home appointment.

Vaginal Tightening Prices

Vaginal muscle frequently becomes loosened and also inadequate after childbearing, or even might drop as a result of aging or even weight reduction.

Vaginal tightening treatment by LA Lipo can easily modify and rectify your vaginal area experiences as well as performs, restoring even more tone and control.
This might likewise boost experience in the course of sexual intercourse.

Treatment cost
was £449.00 Now £349.00

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WHAT MAY BE ADDRESSED? Dryness Urine Urinary Incontinence Laxity And Also Shade As Well As Appearance. Improvement In Sexual Relations, Feeling As Well. Dyschromia And Also Skin Layer Coloring.

Microneedling Pricing

1 Treatment
Was £220 – Now £200

3 Treatments
Was £600 – Now £500

5 Treatments
Was £845 – Now £750

Consultation and treatment is on the same day, so save time and no need for a second visit.

Book a course of treatments for optimal results and cost effectiveness.

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No Needle Lip Filler Pricing

0.5ml — £175.00

1ml — £210.00

2ml — £230.00


If you are uncomfortable with needles, this is the perfect treatment for you!

Advantages Of Needle-Free Lip Fillers

It is fast

It is Pain-free

It is Non-invasive

Instant results

No risk of allergies

No risk of post-injection complications

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