Anyone who has or has had cosmetic surgery will know how difficult it is to find someone they can trust.

New practitioners are sprouting up everywhere, causing confusion and pressuring people into ‘deals’ that are almost always too good to be true, resulting in some people feeling regret or disappointment.

LA Lipo are trusted and established


Empowering customers and bringing their inner beauty to life

LA Lipo offers amazing results thanks to the innovative treatments and quality assurance methods in place to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Success is centred on customer satisfaction. To make sure customers receive the best treatments possible, only high-quality aesthetic equipment and products are used.

All equipment is guaranteed and certified to ensure successful results without lowering safety standards. It is our duty to safeguard our patients and ensure their experience is a positive one.

To ensure your satisfaction and safety, we only source the best, market-leading products from reputable UK aesthetic pharmacies.

We work hard to provide the best treatments, and we continue to stay current with new products and techniques. To deliver the best results with the least amount of disruption to your everyday life, we use the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge strategies.

We are happy to chat with you and discuss your requirements in detail to arrive at a personalised treatment plan that incorporates your lifestyle, financial concerns, and personal preferences.

It will never be our policy to sell you any treatment or product unless you truly want or need it.

LA Lipo vision goal is to provide natural looking safe aesthetics treatments in a comfortable environment.

At LA Lipo our number one priority is the safety of our patients, and our practitioners are well-trained ensure that you feel confident and looked after as well as looking great. Everyone is made differently and no two peoples needs are the same and that’s why at LA Lipo, all the treatments are customised and crafted precisely for each individual by using the latest equipment & technology.

It is this high level of hands-on and in-depth education that enables our clients to change their perceived  ‘flaws’ and still look completely natural. For the most part, people fear that if they have a treatment, they will appear to be “done.” In actuality, they will appear to be a better version of themselves. So much is possible, and it’s usually the small changes that make the greatest impact.

To ensure that every treatment done is nothing short of exceptional, we have perfected the quality of our treatments.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer quality results as well as a delightful customer experience at LA Lipo.

We want to let people know that we do everything we can to help our clients and take care of their needs. We’re able to design a comprehensive treatment plan that is custom-tailored to meet all of your medical needs, while also making you as comfortable as possible. ‘

As members of the LA Lipo Team, we are enthusiastic about helping our clients actually realise their true potential. We’re here to help you look and feel fabulous on the inside as well as the outside.

To assist you in enhancing your body shape we’re dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and effective treatments and programs. At LA Lipo, our efforts are concentrated on delivering the best possible results for our clients.

Our experienced and skilled professionals are dedicated to helping our clients make significant changes to their bodies. Above all, they are dedicated to helping you succeed.

At LA Lipo we want  you to gain the confidence to rock those outfits you’ve always wanted to wear We would love to hep you to feel simply incredible.