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This is not another beauty treatment, ointment, soap or massaging. It’s an established real phenomenon. Supported by science.

The USA know how to create – so when
they have something new, the world becomes fascinated to it.
Of late, there is a new fat reduction treatment
that has hit the British medical market called Cryolipolysis OR FAT FREEZING AND ITS REALLY WORKS


Non-Surgical Facials are the most effective way of repairing skin and also strengthening skin.

You will naturally stimulate your body to boost up the levels
of collagen and elastin, helping to uplift and tighten your skin.

The HIFU enhancement procedure uses a focused ultrasound beam
to target the deeper, structural layers of the skin.

You’ll feel confident as we’re well experienced in using HIFU, and you
can be sure that we care about the results you want to see.


Cryopen is the best cure
for skin and hair imperfections.
A flawless complexion can be given with few
seconds of invasions and, no need for needles.

Cosmetic procedures such as skin tags, milia and cherry angiomas are non-standard
and no longer treated by the NHS.

This product can solve these common skin
problems without the need for anaesthetics or injections.

Vaginal Tightening

Giving birth is a wonderful experience, but some aspects
of your body might never be the same again.

Loss of tone is a
common side effect of vocal rehabilitation.
Menopause has a great
influence on ones health.

If you’re unhappy with your vagina’s appearance, feel, or functioning
then HIFU Vaginal Tightening may be the solution for you.

Radio Frequency Resurfacing

Low-energy radiation is utilized in RF treatment to heat the dermis, the deep layer of your skin. 

This heat boosts collagen manufacturing, which aids in the decrease of creases and also drooping skin. According to research study, RF therapy is usually safe and also can be efficient in dealing with moderate to modest indicators of aging.

This product can solve these common skin
problems without the need for anaesthetics or injections.

What Our Beautiful & Happy Clients Say About Us

I was really pleased with the help and treatment i received.

D Smith

All i can say it was good from start to finish and the results you could see after 4-5 weeks

H Price

Im on my 2nd treatment now and LA lipo are nice to deal with not pushy

J Crawley

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