Fat Freezing Northampton

Fat freezing in Northampton is an innovative and non-invasive fat reduction procedure aimed at reducing fat cells in areas of treatment. The procedure is comfortable, safe and effective. Click here to find out more!

It gets rid of fat by using a precisely controlled cooling procedure, which effectively targets fat cells underneath the skin. In addition, it leaves the skin intact by using built-in sensors which shut down automatically if they detect that the skin is getting too cold.

Some of the main advantages are that no anaesthesia is required, it is non-surgical, there is no need of needles and no downtime. The procedure reduces fat cells by about 20-25% in the treatment areas. It does this by processing and eliminating them naturally so they do not move to other areas. Click here to see our prices!

It is ideal for both men and women seeking to get rid of stubborn fat bulges. Those with a double chin may also go through the procedure to remove the excess fat under the chin and the neck contours.

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