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Fat freezing (Cryolipolysis)

Fat freezing in Luton which is also commonly known as cryolipolysysis or CoolSculpting is a recent process of nonsurgical procedure of fat reduction, which uses cold temperatures as a way of reducing fat deposits on certain body parts.

This process reduces fat deposits that do not correspond with one’s diet or exercise. This procedure is ideal for those suffering from obesity or overweight individuals. Cryolipolysis treats fats deposits that are under one’s chin, abdomen, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, upper and lower back, and just below the buttocks. Click here to read more!

Cryolipolysis procedure

This procedure in Luton is done in an outpatient clinic, and it is done when the patient is awake. The fatty deposit is examined by determining the fat deposit’s size and shape, whereby it is marked by a skin marking pencil.

A device which is handheld called an applicator is used to freeze the area containing the fat deposits. Firstly, a gel is applied to the area to protect the patient’s skin; afterward, the fatty bulge is soaked up or vacuumed inside the hallowed opening of the applicator.

The patient experiences typically a tugging sensation as this is done. After 5 to 10 minutes these sensations as well as extreme cold and other potential sensations like stinging, cramping and aching usually fade away as the area goes numb during the process of cooling down. Click here to see the before and after!

Normally, this treatment process takes place for approximately one hour, after the area is treated, the applicator is removed, and the area is massaged for a period of two to three minutes to aid with the fat cell breakdown.

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is somewhat a recent cosmetic treatment for tightening the skin, which is considered a noninvasive and not painful for facelifts replacement.

HIFU uses ultrasound energy which stimulates the production of collagen, which in turn tightens the skin. This treatment process is used widely for treatment of tumours. As much as HIFU is used for facelifts it, however, does not work well on people with extreme sagging skin. Click here to read more about HIFU!

HIFU treatment procedure

This process uses ultrasound focused energy to get to the skin layers just underneath the skin. This energy makes the tissues to heat up faster. Once the cells in the tissue attain a specified temperature, they experience cellular damage.

This may look counterintuitive, But the damage stimulates the production of more collagen – which is a protein that makes the skin structure. The increase in collagen after its production results in tighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles. Click here to see before and after!\

Since the ultrasound beams are focused on a specified tissue, no damage is experienced to the skin’s upper layers and the adjacent skin. HIFU is inappropriate for older people and works best on people older than 30 with severe to moderate skin laxity.

Cryotherapy treatment

Cryotherapy uses extreme cold, which is produced liquid nitrous oxide for an effective, fast, and safe solution for the controlled destruction of skin imperfections. This treatment is usually done by a cryogen.

The Cryopen is an advanced innovation which is a pen-like tool which delivers a pinpoint liquid spray of nitrous oxide at a specific temperature of minus 127 degrees under high pressure which is favorable millimeter precision for the therapist to work on.

Meaning the nitrous oxide is deposited directly to on the area treated and not on any surrounding healthy tissue. The cryopen is a highly developed tool which is used in permanent removal of:

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