When Does Ketosis Start on Cambridge Diet

Obesity is considered as the number one cause of heart diseases, which includes blockages in the veins of the heart. It is likewise the cause of certain strokes Cambridge diet is here for you to sort that out. That is why in order for you to avoid getting those diseases, serious ones for that matter, you need to cut down some fats in your body. Check our on what we do!

Some people choose to have a vegan diet or that kind of diet wherein you will just eat vegetables. If you want to experience the same usual food, then your nutritionist will make a similar meal wherein instead of red meat, he will replace it with tofu. It is to be understood that tofu may replace red meat because it is also a good source of protein.

But to some, it is not a proper diet plan because there are vegetables which are also rich in carbohydrates. So, body-conscious people decided to look for another excellent and fast way of getting thin. This is what you call as the ketogenic diet, which is formerly known as the Cambridge diet.

The Origin of the Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge diet started in the year 1960 wherein Dr Alan Howard devised a specific plan which can burn a lot of fats as compared to the other diet plan. It is called the Cambridge diet because Dr Howard was then connected with Cambridge University.

The original plan is cutting the regular eating habits of a person seeking to lose weight in just a month. And instead, it is replaced with water intake. The water intake must be at least 2.5 litres in order for it to be effective.

However, upon careful study and re-evaluation of the results, the diet plan converted the “sole source” to what is popularly called the “maintenance” wherein it is a more flexible diet plan. Instead of cutting down certain meal practices, the dietician requires the person to just replace the usual food he takes with meal-replacement. It may be in the form of a healthy shake, juices, and others of the same kind. Check out our FAQ!

What is ketosis, and when it enters the Cambridge diet?

Ketosis is the root word from where the term ketogenic diet is derived from. Ketosis is a metabolic process which is not forced, it is rather a natural metabolic process wherein the body keeps on moving, or the metabolic state becomes fast. This process usually burns energy. However, there is an excellent question.

That question is this, “How about if there is no longer energy to be burned, what will be burned instead?” In the process of ketosis, if there is already no energy to be burned, what the body burns are the stored fats. Therefore, it creates ketones. That is the reason why you need to have a diet known as Cambridge diet or the ketogenic diet because, without energy or sugar inside your body, your body will burn fats instead. Check out our prices today!

Ketogenic or Cambridge diet involves preferring fatty foods or protein-rich one, like red meat alone without carbohydrates. The reason for this is that without the sugar in your body, the body, through the process known as ketosis, burns the fats you have just eaten added to the fats stored in your body.

These are the reasons why dieticians recommend Cambridge diet rather than a vegan one.

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