The health benefits of green tea:

Green tea is a mixture of various kinds of herbs. These herbs have a great aroma and also have various health benefits of which if green tea burn fat.

This tea has very less caffeine which is good because if you consume highly caffeinated beverages daily, you can get addicted to caffeine. In fact, the caffeine in this drink actually helps you lose weight by allowing you to feel more energetic and removes more calories during workouts so would be good to add to your day to day morning drink. Click here to find out more about what we do!

In addition to this, it helps rejuvenate your skin and refreshes you. It also helps you feel more active by flushing toxins out of your system.

If you drink green tea with lemon and ginger, it will not only have great taste but will also have detoxifying properties.

Another health benefit is that it helps reduce inflammation and helps you feel less bloated. It is great for digestion and can be consumed to combat acidity.

How can green tea aid weight loss?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that it helps you lose weight. It energizes you so that you can have a better workout session and lose more calories.

In fact, people who consume green tea before workouts get rid of more calories during their workouts. Green tea also helps you feel fuller before meals.

If you struggle with overeating, you can always have a cup of this tea before your meals and you will notice a visible difference in the amount of food you consume.

Furthermore, if you replace this beverage with various sugary and caffeinated drinks you will reduce your sugar intake which will help you lose more weight.

Different ways to incorporate green tea into your daily routine

There are different ways to incorporate green tea into your daily routine. Some people do not like the organic taste of green tea. If you are one of those people, you might find it difficult to drink green tea regularly every day. Click here to see our FAQ about la-lipo!

There are various times you can incorporate green tea into your routine, these include

1.    Before breakfast

If you consume it before breakfast, you are essentially kick-starting your morning with an energetic boost.

You will also trigger your metabolism and it will speed up. Due to this, you will get rid of more calories and lose weight faster.

2.   After lunch

If you have green tea after lunch, you will help your body digest the food you have eaten. This will not only speed your metabolism but also help you feel refreshed and full.

Drinking green tea after lunch will greatly improve your digestion. You feel more active and you will not have acidity or any other digestive issues.

3.   Before bed

Drinking green tea before bed is another great time to incorporate green tea into your routine. If you drink this before bed, your metabolism will speed up and you will lose calories even while you sleep!

The number of calories you lose during this time will not be so much but it will still make a difference in your overall health.

Thus, green tea helps you burn fat and drinking 2-3 cups a day can prove to be very helpful for you in your long term weight-loss journey.

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