How bad is belly fat for your health?

The help we want, the help we need!
We all know that fat, of almost any type is harmful to our health. Fat deposits are the following consequence of a life lived eating the wrong food, and of no exercise. And besides being the scary monster we see in the mirror, when we are true to ourselves, it has the potential to kill us. So, most of us try to live a balanced life, and avoid excesses. But when it becomes an issue, not of beauty and self-respect, but of life threatening situations, we all wish we had some tools to help us see what we are up against.
Simple belly-fat, the one we all know, and try to fight as our bodies perfect shape’s enemy, can cause much more harm than a dress that does not look good in the mirror, or a wounded pride, at a dinner with friends.It can be,and it is, in fact, a silent killer. Abdominal obesity is linked with diseases such as congestive heart failure and metabolic syndrome.
Static electrical impedance tomography, or EIT, is a medical technique, which could be employed as a non-invasive surrogate of disease progression in these conditions. EIT is a non-invasive type of medical imaging that picks up on the electrical activity of different body parts to gather images of what they look like. The imaging technique also provides real-time data without using ionising radiation, which makes it less harmful to patients than other imaging techniques.
Since electrical conductivity of biological tissue depends on its cell structure, it can help image different tissues in the body and distinguish them from each other. Meaning that, the muscle tissue can be seen in some way, the bone tissue in other way, and the fat tissue in a completely different way with the use of EIT.
The EIT imaging could be used to get more accurate measurements of the thickness of the fat that hangs around the abdomen. This could allow doctors to make more accurate evaluations about the potential risk of conditions linked to abdominal obesity. Abnormally high deposition of fat tissue in the abdominal area has been associated with disorders such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.
In truth, EIT is more advantageous since it is non-ionising and can hence be used for continuous patient self-monitoring to track body fat status in daily routines. And having this around you ensures you can be in control when it comes to the measuring of your progress, and constantly know how well you are doing.
Even more, to our advantage, EIT is a low cost, portable, and easy-to-use bedside technique to image electrical conductivity distribution. So everyone who needs it, can afford to have it monitoring their health, and the progress they make in fighting this problem.
The importance of a healthy life, can not be underlined enough. But it is good to know that, should the need arise, and should that healthy life become just one dream, that we can achieve only with a lot of work and sacrifice, there are solutions that can help us in our battle. There are people who can help, and also tools that can help. The only real problem we face, is to be sure we want to get better, we want to live the life we deserve, and we can live.
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